First off I just wanted to thank everyone for the tweets and messages! You guys are so sweet. I was in the psych unit aka with the crisis team but I am home now. I’m not gonna explain why. But I’m just going to say seroquel isn’t working for me. It makes me sleep and that’s a great thing but other than that nothing. I have a meds appt right after my therapy on Tuesday so I’m hoping that gets figured out. I’m mentally tired, and just really want to stay in bed all around. It’s rainy and cold here today☔️ Thank you again guys for the love💖 Talk again soon😘

Anonymous said: Remember: the strongest people aren't the ones who have never fallen, but the ones who have fallen all the way down but then gotten back up. You've gotten back up so many times, so that makes you one of the strong ones. You can get through this, you are a fighter. <3

Thank you so much for sending this!

Anonymous said: my wish for you is that you find happiness. that you can beat all the demons that plague you. that you can learn to love life, and love yourself just as much. i truly am hoping and wishing for this for you <3

Thank you so much love !


Thanks gurl! :D

Anonymous said: You look gorgeous, lovely. I hope u continue to smile, and start to love that bright smile, your unique curly hair, and how incredibly brave you are. Smile beautiful :)

Thank you so much love for sending this!